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XAPHOONS are in stock, new delivery for the gift season. We have black (original), red, blue, green and some special Gold ones again (this is the end of the line for Gold though, the final production has been made). We have had to revise prices as a result of exchange rate and postal tariff changes but continue to remain competitive with one price worldwide.

Xaphoon ad sheet

The MAUI XAPHOON POCKET SAX is a great pocket or travel mini saxophone with a massive, warm sound from its standard tenor sax (2.5) reed and chunky vintage-style mouthpiece. It comes with a full instruction tutor, fingering guide and tunebook to help you master the precision open-hole fingering, and a hard protective cover for the reed. It’s best to have some experience with sax or clarinet to become a Xaphoon virtuoso, but almost anyone can hold clean notes after a few minutes of practice. Each instrument comes in a cardboard storage box.

We now have the Gold Xaphoons again!

Buy Now – the price for the standard black Xaphoon Pocket Sax is the same anywhere in the world at

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