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Stock position (October 2016)

Posted by admin on Jul 30 2011 | Instruments

We are currently only stocking the Xaphoon pocket sax, and a few rather exotic items.

Stock position on the Xaphoon is back to full as of October 1st 2016 – all colours, and we also have a limited number of Gold again but are informed this is the final production.

We have:

A professional grade six-course large Moroccan oud purchased from a musician, not a dealer and nothing like the typical tourist product rather plain to look at but superb sound, bought in Morocco – £350.

A Victorian Geo. Matthews Birmingham top quality zither banjo (nylon/nylgut strung, tunnel chanterelle) – offers in region of £250.

An Ardival Dupplin celtic small harp (not lever, portable, Scottish, hand made and utterly beautiful but not for your orchestral harpist in any way), will consider offers over £600.

Classical guitars – cedar/rosewood, spruce/mahogany, solid woods, light and responsive, Romanian. Choice of examples, £200-300. You’d pay a four-figure sum for anything approaching the sound and quality of the cedar/rosewood, from Spain – but the Spanish luthiers build far more heavily than this, and unless you spend a fortune, their output is pitched at heavy P-stroke technique.

Russian 7-string guitar – £175

HORA electro acoustic bass guitar, 870mm scale, jumbo body, solid spruce/maple, superb acoustic sound – £250

A solid maple 3/4 classical – £90

A Brook Bovey 010 series small or travel guitar in near-mint condition, English walnut with dark stained very tightly grained cedar top, £900. This guitar is almost as made in 1999 and has just a couple of tiny minor visible marks (only one on the top) and no general playing wear, has never been fitted with a pickup, and has its original gig bag. Gotoh tuners. It is a resonant, sweet, echoing small 21.7″ guitar which can be tuned to standard or 1 to 3 semitones up depending on string choice. The current new price is £1475 as specced.

See/hear – three live digital camera/iMac recordings, obviously limited by auto gain and built-in mics:
Studio/digital recording with better studio twin mics but some fx -

Various pickups and pickup/preamp kits – enquire.


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