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Posted by on Jan 12 2011 | Instruments

Troubadour is likely to be moving premises in the next year of so, and due to unfavourable exchange rates and shipping costs, we are temporarily suspending new orders from Romania rather than see the retail prices increase to what we consider to be too high a level. We now have just a few instruments remaining and it is important to email with requirements, don’t assume we have stock.

“We analyzed your order and I’m afraid that we have to increase the prices again… we have no profit at those prices anymore. You have instruments completely natural color and for these we need perfect wood, without any defect, which is more and more difficult to find.”

That’s what our Romanian luthiery factory told us in 2008 when EU membership, exchange rates and the beginning of today’s economic ‘dip’ started to hike up our costs. We want perfect wood! That’s why we asked for the unstained, natural instruments right from the start. We were rewarded with everything from good plain matched sets to the occasional lovely examples of quilted maple or bearclaw spruce. Check our ‘versions’ against Ozark, Montana or Blue Moon and you will find a completely different grade of instrument.

We continue to stock the Maui Xaphoon or ‘pocket sax’ pitched in C, a great travel instrument for sax or clarinet players. We now have stocks of the lovely emerald, ruby and sapphire translucent body Xaphoons and also a special Copper metallic-coloured resin edition.

David Kilpatrick, Icon Publications Ltd t/a Troubadour UK, Maxwell Lane, Kelso, Scottish Borders TD5 7BB, UK. Tel: (+44) (0)1573 226032. Email: [email protected]

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