Blondel II cittern-guitar

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Blondel II

Blondel II is now out of stock and we have no plans to resume manufacture. If you find one of these on the used market, remember they are not the same as the Ozark, Blue Moon or other variants of the Romanian travel guitar. Ours replaced a heavy T-bar steel trussed neck with a strong three-part laminated all wood maple and acacia neck; we replaced the stained acacia fingerboard with solid rosewood, and the black painted maple bridge with a rosewood classical-style large bridge which resists lifting; the tuners with a superior set; and we used unstained natural all-solid maple and Carpathian spruce for the body and top, without decals.

I’m pleased that for a small window during which these improvements were affordable we commissioned several hundred of these little guitars, and I know that most of them are still out there being passed on to new owners.

We have some Blondels with no bridge, no holes in the headstock, and no nut (but otherwise fully finished) available for D-I-Y octave mandolin or cittern projects. It is possible to string them with up to ten strings using cuatro machine heads and tailpiece. The price for these is the same as for a normal guitar (believe it or not, they actually cost us more to buy in). Place your order, and email us requesting a Blondel DIY project body.

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